C-Money is the name lol


Party Time!!! 

Gotta love them weekends!

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Paullie G hang out session!


Like to smoke to Biggie songs? If so then you should check out my boy Paullie_G. He’s all about smoking the good shit. 





Nice bud

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Hitting it up at the studio, get ready for the latest song from Paullie G.

If you like hearing Music that isn’t like the ordinary Check this guy out! He has some amazing beats.



Getting high and eating pretzels. I’m no big Harry potter fan but I believe I found the Elder Wand Pretzel Stick!

Wish I weren’t too busy for new fresh posts…

All Stoners need to Hear this.

Check out Just Breathe.

Sick New beats and Lyrics written by Paullie G

Sick video of Paullie G Rapping his new beat.